Data Privacy and Security Policy

Data Privacy and Security Policy

Bravia is committed to providing a safe and secure environment to its guests, staff, and property. We have implemented various measures and procedures to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our information systems and data, as well as the physical security of our premises and assets. This security policy outlines the main aspects of our security practices and responsibilities. 

Information Technology 

We collect, store, and process personal and sensitive information from our website visitors and guests, such as their names, contact details, payment information, preferences, and feedback. We respect the privacy and rights of our data subjects and comply with the applicable data protection laws and regulations. We only use the data for the purposes that we have informed the data subjects about, and we do not share the data with any unauthorized third parties. 

We use various technical and organizational measures to safeguard the information that we hold, such as encryption, firewalls, backups, access control, and staff training. We regularly review and update our security systems and policies to ensure that they are effective and up to date. We also monitor and audit our information systems and networks for any potential security incidents or breaches, and we have a response plan in place to mitigate and report any such events. 

We provide our website visitors and guests with clear and transparent information about our data collection and use practices, and we obtain their consent before processing their data. We also provide them with the means to access, modify, or delete their data, or to withdraw their consent, upon request. We have a dedicated data protection officer who is responsible for overseeing our compliance with the data protection laws and regulations, and for handling any inquiries or complaints from the data subjects. 

Physical Security

We use various physical security measures to protect our premises, assets, staff, and guests from unauthorized access, theft, vandalism, fire, or other hazards. These include CCTV cameras, locks, alarms, smoke detectors, sprinklers, and security guards. We also have a security policy and procedure manual that defines the roles and responsibilities of our staff and contractors in relation to security matters, and the guidelines and rules that they must follow. 

We conduct regular security audits and inspections to ensure that our physical security measures are functioning properly and that there are no vulnerabilities or risks. We also conduct regular security awareness and training sessions for our staff and contractors to educate them on the best practices and standards for security. We also have an emergency response plan that outlines the steps and actions that our staff and guests must take in case of any security incidents or emergencies, such as fire, evacuation, lockdown, or medical assistance. 

We provide our guests with information and instructions on how to use the security features and facilities in their rooms and in the hotel, such as the locks, safes, phones, and emergency exits. We also advise them to follow some basic security tips, such as not leaving their valuables unattended, not opening the door to strangers, and reporting any suspicious or unusual activities to the hotel staff or security. 

Security Policy Review and Update 

We review and update our security policy at least once a year, or whenever there are any significant changes in our business operations, security systems, or legal requirements. We communicate any changes or updates to our staff, contractors, and guests through our website, email, or other appropriate channels. We also welcome any feedback or suggestions from our stakeholders on how to improve our security policy and practices 

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